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Joel & Jodie Taylor - PSI Screenprinting

Jen Jackson - Jaxzyn

Michael Powell - Property / Investor

WMS are more than straight accountants. They understand me, what motivates me and my tolerance for risk and then factor that into their advice which they proactively provide. They remember more about my affairs than I do. It is more than just a professional relationship. Not inexpensive but as with anything in life you get what you pay for. They save me more money than they cost me.

Becky Jack - Peony

Before switching to WMS, we had never enjoyed such a high-quality service experience. Whether it’s Melissa, Stephen or another member of their team, we always feel that WMS are working with us to actually maximise returns and help grow our business. The team at WMS are responsive, reliable and professional at all times. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other Australian businesses.

Max Christmas - Max Christmas Pty Ltd

Excellent experience to date. Anthony and the team are right on the job. Right age (not too old and tired, not too young and inexperienced. If I ask something they do not scratch their head or look up a book (that is efficiency). They help me continue to be on the sharp edge – ahead of the market. Services me brilliantly. Firm is right for where I am today.

Cargo Transport

Absolutely first class. Not your standard bespectacled accountant. David’s ability to apply business smarts to business opportunities and challenges looking forward for potential risk. Not just from a P&L and balance sheet perspective. David helps think about how I can grow the business thinking laterally but always with an eye to Domestic and International risk mitigation. Also like his attention to detail in a balance sheet.

Mark Gardner - Aliom Trading

Great experience. I trust their Judgment and the work has always been very good. Advice is backed up by facts and I would  recommend them highly. Mark Gardner

Jason O'Neill - The Grand Hotel

I receive exceptional service from WMS. David says it as it is without sugar coating. He is thorough, picks up on small things in the accounts and explains things well. They are honest; I know that I am not going to get a tap on the shoulder. I get a quick response on any queries and can get hold of David or he calls back. I get value for money

Andrew Quinn - Outdoor Clothing Concepts

Ben is great to work with. He comes across as someone who genuinely enjoys what he does (being an accountant) and is always excited to talk about accounting stuff (I like that). We trust his judgment. He is across what we are doing (CCed in on correspondence). Well supported by his team who are (responsive and quick to come back to us.  Good sized firm for bus of our size. You get good advice.

Childcare Centres of Excellence Pty Ltd

Following a referral from a friend and previous bank manager, we contacted Jason Stammer prior to the acquisition and succession of a family business.

Jason showed outstanding professionalism, persistence and personalisation throughout the whole process. He worked tirelessly to help us structure our finance in a way that saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Jason’s eye to detail meant he provided us with exceptionally well prepared and presented mortgage proposals and analysis, as well as quickly acting on the offers to secure the best rates and policies. Jason’s professional connections within the financial industry also saved us in terms of time and dollars.
Information was always assimilated in a comprehensive manner and Jason provided us with a logical funding map for the numerous transactions. Jason’s open communication channels meant that we were continuously aware of and updated of circumstances as they arose.
Jason continues to take a sincere interest in our business, giving him foresight into how we can expand and succeed. He continues to go beyond the call of duty and is always available to provide clarification and advice on future projects and financing options.

Jason’s ‘Anything is Possible’ attitude and optimism gives us confidence that we can be bold in our financial planning and follow our dreams and goals. He has set a benchmark in customer support and guidance that other financial brokers should take note of.

We are so grateful for Jason’s continuing support and setting us up for success and would highly recommend his services.

Daintree Organics

One of the things that I strive for being a business owner, is to maximise the value I get from my business, whilst minimising my tax position. I must say that the guys at WMS have certainly helped me achieve this balance and I am very happy with my value; and as happy as one can be with my tax.

The downside of this strategy however, quickly becomes apparent when one applies for finance; that is when I have found Jason Stammer and his team, the perfect complement to Stephen Holmes and his very effective tax planning.

Jason has assisted me in purchasing an investment property in Brisbane, refinancing a commercial property through my superfund, financing for a new business venture as well as buying new vehicles for my company. He has done all of this at very competitive rates, he has incorporated tax strategies and he has required minimal input and very little time investment from myself. Most importantly however, he has enabled me to increase my wealth and my investments within the constraints of my tax planning, which in itself is quite an achievement. (Which in itself is no mean feat..)
I will certainly be using Jason for all of my future acquisitions, and I would recommend him unreservedly to persons in similar circumstances to myself.

Christina - Property Investor

Jason and his team at WMS are brilliant! They always have our long term plans in mind and provide us with all relevant information that will affect our property portfolio. I am confident with every purchase, as I know I have a solid, professional team behind me. I highly recommend Jason and WMS to anyone who is serious about building wealth.