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The property sector has experienced substantial growth on the Gold Coast. We have a depth of experience in this sector that ensures we can provide our clients with first class specialised solutions. We are actively involved with the UDIA with partners serving on the Executive Committee of, and being the nominated Tax Liaison for, the UDIA Gold Coast Branch.

We provide property developers with unique advice on specific issues including:

  • Minimising income tax and GST obligations;
  • Ensuring the property development is accounted for in the correct way, either on revenue or capital account;
  • The GST application of the margin scheme;
  • Assisting with the preparation of feasibility studies, purchase offer calculations and complex finance applications using high end diagnostic tools;
  • Financial covenant reporting;
  • Arrangements such as acquisition finance, development facilities, mezzanine finance and risk/equity participation in developments;
  • Aged care and retirement; and
  • Joint venture arrangements.

The benefit is that this advice is tailored for each and every client situation. This gives our clients comfort that our advice is relevant for their circumstances.

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