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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning can be a complicated area and the earlier you get started the easier it will be.

Essentially most of us work hard half our lives in an effort to spend the other half enjoying ourselves but unfortunately due to many factors most don’t achieve this.

Factors to Consider when Planning for Retirement:
• How long your nest egg will last?
• Do you have quality superannuation plans?
• Are you planning on retiring early?
• Do you want to phase down at work?
• Have you thought about how best to sell your business and manage tax?
• Would you like to save tax to increase retirement savings?
• Will you have enough cash reserves available inside superannuation to draw pensions?
• Do you have suitable assets to hold throughout retirement or are changes required?
• Do you know how the use of franking credits could increase returns on retirement assets inside superannuation?
• Are your estate planning arrangements suitable to save your beneficiaries tax?
• Are you avoiding unnecessary risks?

There are many factors to be considered when developing suitable retirement plans. Our expertise can often significantly improve your retirement outcomes allowing your hard work to result in the best possible retirement lifestyle.

We are all scared of change and retirement is one of the biggest changes of all. No matter how much money we accumulate over our lifetime the unknown and deciding when to  retire can be stressful.

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